Do Your Pages Load Quickly? Four Things to Expect from Web Designers

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Did you know that 48 percent of mobile users feel frustrated when they browse through sites that have not been well optimized for their devices? There are many factors that go into successful web design.

Having an attractive and functional webpage is important. Imagine that there is a grocery store with the best apples. However, there are cobwebs in the front door, the apples are hard to find, and the lines are long. Would you still buy the apples? Well designed websites are like a storefront for your product and services. The more professional and inviting the experience, the more likely the sale. Here are four important things you should keep in mind when looking for professional web design services.

1. Loading time

Whether people are searching by computer or phone, they do not want to wait long. Studies show that about 40 percent of people will leave a website if it takes longer than three seconds to load. All web designers will list the addresses of other websites they have worked on, so make sure to check through their portfolio and note loading times.

2. Optimize navigability

When people visit your website, they usually have a purpose. They want to know contact information, location, store hours, prices, et cetera. This information should be easy to find and arranged instinctively. Examine your website from the perspective of an outsider. Could you find the contact page in five seconds or less? Mobile compatibility is also an important aspect of navigation, since over 35 percent of consumers have made a purchase using their smartphone in the last year.

3. Call to action

Part of website and graphic design is assisting websites with their copywriting and marketing. When you write a blog post for your company, for example, do you want it to just sit there, or do you want a comment section and the ability for users to easily repost it to their Twitter or Facebook accounts? Do you want people to just see your product, or feel psychologically triggered into feeling like their need for it is pressing? Web developers can help arrange attractively designed offers for anyone who visits.

4. Engaging layout

Aesthetics matter, and web designers have more to do with this than you might think. Are boxes uniformly formatted? Does your page scroll nicely? Are font choices professional? Is there a good image to text ratio? The benefit of working with web designers is that they know exactly what consumers are looking for and expecting when they visit websites. See more.

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