The Nuts and Bolts of Oil Production

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One of the biggest thorns in the sides of Americans is the subject of oil. For whatever reason the United States continues to depend on oil production, despite evidence that there are better, renewable resources. Regardless, we are stuck with oil well production providing our primary resource for traveling and heating. When it comes to oil production, most people think about it rather simply, as if drilling a hole and pumping it out is all there is to it. However, locating oil, drilling wells, and pumping oil is no simple feat. As such, the typical person gives little, if any, thought to the oil production software, oil well data, oil well software, and pumping apparatus that are involved in oil well production.

The first known oil wells existed in China during the third century AD, however, they were quite crude apparatus, and were drilled vertically. In fact, the majority of oil wells were drilled vertically until the 1970s, where geological imperfections made it necessary to drill a bit more circuitously. Of course, this would not have been possible without the development of technology that was advanced enough to achieve this. However, the ability to drill in alternate ways made it possible to increase oil well production.

The oil well production life consists of five phases, which includes planning, drilling, completion, production, and abandonment. In order for oil well production to begin, a muddy fluid known as mud is pumped into a well and comes out at the end, which allows the well to be opened. At this point, oil well production will occur until the well reaches its economic limit, and no longer produces enough oil to cover the oil well production process.

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